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Shepherdson's 'Marketing Plan'

Presenter and author Nancy Shepherdson shared "Your Personal Marketing Plan" with attendees at the 2010 conference in Chicago. With her permission, we've made the plan available here as a Word document, so that you can add your own ideas to her points.

WPCI members advise skills, networking

At a professional development meeting brainstorming session, members offered these suggestions for furthering your career, or at least keeping it going when economic times are tough:

The Web

The Web offers journalists ways to keep in touch with one another, with industry issues and with communications events around the nation. We also can use the Web to find information to support out work and to link to others in our professions. Here are some useful sites. Please e-mail Webmaster to offer your own favorite links to add to this page.

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Reporting resources

What Web resources do you use?

Contribute to this list by e-mailing your favorite resources to Webmaster@wpcindiana.org.

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